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Our Services

Our Services


Alpha-ES e.K. is exclusively representing in Germany Foamotive Ltd., Israel.
Foamotive Ltd. provides 3-Dimensional Polyethylene (PE) Foam Parts for sealing, acoustic improvement, dampening of vibrations and excellent fill for hollow places in the car, e.g. external mirrors, trunks and engine compartment. For more and detailed Information visit or contact us by phone: 
+49 8171 909540
If you are interested to be supported in Germany let us know and  contact us to discuss with you our Services in detail.
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Alpha-ES e.K. provides security solutions in various fields:
- Operational thread analysis
– Risk-analysis
- Supply of tailor-made security devices for security
   installations of government authorities and large scale
- Cipher technology for the encryption of data, fax and
   voice (digital)
- Protection against hacking in the automotive industry
- Operational Signal Intelligence
- Airport security, Aircraft and passenger security.


Alpha-ES e.K. provides Training under live conditions including
- specialized technical staff, e.g.
- Protection against hacking
- Training of VIP’s to avoid hostage taking
- Hostage taking
- Negotiations in case of hostage taking
- Documental affairs
- Blasting agents and drugs.
With our experience, you get the guidance, coaching and tools you need to handle new challenges with skill and dexterity

Health Care

Alpha-ES e.K provides services in the area of health care in Germany under the consideration of the existing laws and rules in the Federal Repbulic of Germany and their 16 Federal States.
• Due Diligence
• Benchmarking
• Data Processing-Consulting
• DRG Analysis
• Secure Networks – Protection agains Hacking

About Us

The company Alpha-ES e.K.  has a considerable amount of contacts to national and international companies and government authorities. Alpha-ES e.K. has in Germans automotive industry intensive contacts on a regular Basis to
OEM’s, Tier 1’s and Tier 2’s.
Using these relationships the company carries out supporting connections and interest pursuits successful marketing and business development activities. We represent various companies in Germany and we promote specific products for the automotive Industry.
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